Gayle Powell is the sole practitioner of Uniergy, a home-based business, that offers Holistic Energy Healing services to the Ballarat community and to all people in search of their true Self. Uniergy can enhance your ability to be in charge of the life you create, responding instead of reacting to challenging situations and issues. Remaining balanced and peaceful within yourself. Be Stress Free with Uniergy.

Gayle Powell


An accredited Holistic Healer/Counsellor & Reiki Master with the Australian Holistic Healers & Counselors Association.

Gayle consciously began travelling her spiritual journey in September 1991 through her Level I Reiki experience as facilitated by Denise Crundall. This initiated a search for knowledge and understanding of self-development and self-healing. In 1993 Gayle was selected by Reiki Master Betty Snowdon of Earth Walk Natural Therapies to be trained in the Master level. In the same year, Gayle began her priestess training with the Greenwood School of Occult Science and received her ordination in late 1994 as part of that training. Gayle has also gained certificates in Aromatherapy and Massage as well as a Diploma of Holistic Energy Healing.

Gayle moved into academic studies in 1996 where she did 18 months of Rural Social Welfare, which included individual and family counselling. She completed her degree in Bachelor of Arts Honours, majoring in Literature and Philosophy with a minor in Psychology. Gayle has also completed a Diploma in Secondary Education and a Certificate in Religious Education.