About Reiki

The Usui System of Natural Healing: The Rediscovered Ancient Art of Healing Through the Hands

In 1900, Dr Usui began to collect and study Buddhist scriptures of the esoteric science of healing, focusing on healing techniques and energy disciplines utilising the Divine ‘Ki’. He developed the compassionate wish to learn methods of healing that would benefit all of mankind. Usui believed that everybody should have access to these healing methods, so he began his journey to discover a way to offer these powerful healing methods to the layperson, without having to perform long arduous practices.

Usui spent fourteen years developing a ‘synthesis’ healing method/spiritual discipline that would cure every type of dis-ease, which could be taught to anyone. Through intensive meditation Usui was shown how working with Divine Ki energy would assist him in developing this healing synthesis. He was able to meld together a method for bringing the essence of the Buddhist healing practices in a way that worked for him and others:- This became known as Reiki.

Initially, when Usui began teaching Reiki to the public it was a simple hands-on treatment technique based on the use of intuition. It was Dr Chujiro Hayashi who developed a more complex set of hand positions suitable for clinic use. Through keeping detailed records of treatments in his clinic, Hayashi was able to create ‘standard’ hand positions for various ailments that still incorporated Usui’s intuitive approach.

The Benefits of Reiki:

  • Reiki enhances the body’s natural ability to heal itself
  • Reiki brings about an inner calm that soothes day-to-day stresses
  • Reiki replenishes the body’s diminished energies
  • Reiki aids in balancing all levels of being:- physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual
  • Reiki is effective in the prevention of dis-ease and works in harmony with traditional medical treatments
  • Reiki bypasses the symptoms or blocks, going straight to the cause
  • Reiki fills the recipient’s vibratory need

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