Archangelic Healing

This is a ‘new’ healing method inspired by the Archangels;

A holistic energy healing modality that is non-denominational.

In an Archangelic Healing there is no body contact. It is conducted within the recipient’s aura as they lay, fully clothed (except for shoes), on a healing table. Gayle works with the Qabalistic Archangels and channels their colour vibrations into the different energy/consciousness levels of the aura. It brings balance into these areas and aids the recipient in aligning with the core of their being: the divine spark that they are.

Archangelic Healings can help:

  • You to recognise and release unbalanced patterns and energies from your whole being.
  • To bring insight and solutions to existing ‘problems’.
  • Balance all levels of your being: Psyche/Mind, Emotions and Physical Body with your Spiritual Essence.
  • You to fully open and align with the Divine Creator, which allows the blessings of the One to manifest in your daily life.
  • You to experience Unconditional Love and a profound Peace, as well as Harmony with all living beings.
  • You to make strong connections to the Archangelic consciousnesses and begin working with them.

The benefits of Archangelic Healings are ‘Limitless’. The recipient governs the speed and process of each healing and its effect in their physical world. This is dependant upon the amount of  social, experiential and physical conditionings the recipient clings to. Consciously asking the Archangels to be with you and to help guide you every minute of every day will aid your healing and growth.

For more information an the Archangelic Healing or Archangels contact Gayle