The Reiki environment of Uniergy’s healing room has soft peaceful music playing with aromatherapy oils in the oil burner that infuse the room with natural relaxing fragrance. This enhances the healing ambience created by the Reiki energy.

In a Reiki healing session you remain fully clothed (except for your shoes), it is best to wear clothing you feel comfortable in. As you lay on the Reiki healing table, the Reiki Master starts at your feet connecting with the Universal Life Energy (Reiki Energy) and beings channelling this life force to you.

Uniergy offers half hour and one hour healing sessions. The half hour session utilises the hand positions developed by Chujiro Hayashi, who was made a Reiki Master by Dr Mikao Usui. These sessions benefit people who are time poor or who suffer from high levels of stress and anxiety, requiring weekly treatments. Half hour treatments also benefit people with chronic or terminal illnesses who require two or more Reiki sessions in a week.

One hour sessions utilise the Chelation method of hand positions. This method works to cover the whole body and is benefical in maintaining the body’s natural balance and wellbeing. It is ideal to have fortnightly healing sessions to aid the body’s natural healing processes and to remove build up of heavy energies within your Auric and Etheric fields.

For more information on Reiki Treatments or to make an appointment contact Gayle.